How do I know what damage is covered and what damage will be denied by the insurance company?
Is the insurance company looking out for me or their bottom-line?
Is there someone that can help me through this and guarantee a fair settlement?
Property damage occurs when you least expect it and the experience of such a sudden traumatic event within your home can be overwhelming. Those first initial choices you make right after this event could mean the difference between restoring your home out of your own pocket or being completely covered by your homeowners insurance. When presented with this type of situation there are typically two options.

Option 1: Allow the insurance company to take complete control and determine what you are and are not entitled too. They will assign their “claims adjuster” whose sole responsibility is to inspect the damage and determine in their opinion, the insurance company’s amount of liability. Keep in mind the claims adjuster is an employee of the insurance company and will ultimately look to minimize the claim.

Option 2: Retain a highly qualified and experienced public adjusting company to represent “you” and “your interests”. By retaining Sentinel Public Adjusters not only will you have a qualified and experienced adjusting company, but you’ll also have an IICRC certified damage expert with over 20 years of construction experience. We handle these types of damage claims everyday and know how to inspect, document and present in order to maximize your settlement.

The insurance company has their claims adjuster to represent their interests and you should have equal representation to level the playing field. Please view the Our Services page for a complete list of the services we provide our clients as we guide them through this difficult time.

View the Consumer Reports link below citing a study that retaining a public adjuster
actually increases insurance settlements by 19% to 747%:


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